Hike: Bollinger Creek Trail, Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

Yesterday, I hiked this section of the Bollinger Creek Loop Trail in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness with some friends.  It’s is one of the few trails in Las Trampas that is shade-covered.  It’s also relatively short, with the section along the creek and through the trees being only 0.69 miles (one-way).  This is a fun trail to hike with kids, as there’s a lot to see and it isn’t too hilly (though there are rolling ups and downs, which can be fun for kids).  We hiked this section of the trail as part of a longer trek to the top of Las Trampas Peak, which I wrote about in January (see Hike:  Las Trampas Peak, Las Trampas Regional Wilderness).

Las Trampas Hike 018

Las Trampas Hike 001

Photos taken March 2nd, 2013

Interested in going?  First, see the trail map on the website… Las Trampas Regional Wilderness.  Park in the Staging Area at the very end of Bollinger Creek Road in San Ramon.  Several trails begin from this staging area, so check the website map before you head out (or pick up a map at the literature station in the lot).  You have the option of hiking out and back on the trail through the shade-covered section, or returning via the loop trail for some variety of scenery (ranch land).  There is no potable water in the park, so be sure to bring along enough for the outing.


  1. LB says:

    oh I love that second picture … the orientation is great! makes me want to hike that trail


    1. The “rollers” on this trail are great!


  2. Kami Tilby says:

    I can see myself walking this beautifully shaded trail. I love the leaning of the trees. I miss the mountains!!


    1. Shady trails are hard to find around here… we have mostly exposed, grassy, ranch-land hiking. It makes these tree-covered areas that much more lovely!


  3. whatuful says:

    The feeling of the fresh air!


    1. It’s a wonderful thing!


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