Shadow Cliffs: Pleasanton

Yesterday, my son had a school field trip to Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area, a large park located in Pleasanton, near the Livermore border.  The students have been learning about the life cycle through the study of trout.  They went to Shadow Cliffs to release baby trout into the lake.  But they also had a lot of fun running around the grass and beach, checking out the lake, playing with sticks, and climbing trees.

Shadow Cliffs is popular with fishermen.  That’s primarily who was out there yesterday.  But year-round, this is a great spot for picnics, with tons of grass for kids to run around on.  During the summer months, the beach on the main lake is open to swimming.  My favorite areas, however, are the smaller lakes and ponds within the park, nice for short nature walks and bird watching.  For images of these back areas of the park, see this post..  Birding with Kids, Shadow Cliffs, Pleasanton

Shadow Cliffs Trout Release 003

Shadow Cliffs Trout Release 031

Shadow Cliffs Trout Release 028

Shadow Cliffs Trout Release 052

Shadow Cliffs Trout Release 055

Shadow Cliffs Trout Release 077

Shadow Cliffs Trout Release 066

Photos taken February 28th, 2013

Interested in going?  Visit the website:  Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area


  1. sjcourchesne says:

    Well ahead of us on spring, of course. I am living vicariously through the blogs of others, maintaining faith that we will emerge from under all this snow soon enough. Almost skunk cabbage season here!


  2. LB says:

    so nice to see kids enjoying the out of doors!!!


    1. It was a fun outing!


  3. Alex Jones says:

    It seems spring is rolling in for you too.


    1. Yes… seems a bit early! But I see trees blossoming all around.


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