1. one of the greatest pleasures in life! and one of my favorite memories: my mom and I coming home from the library, both of us with a huge stack of books!


      1. I was going to suggest sharing it on their FB page but it looks like that feature is disabled. You could e-mail the manager from the branch page on the website, or I could forward the link to them.


    1. Yes, he’s truly reading and comprehending. When he’s done with a book, he’ll spend a half hour telling me all about the characters and what happened. It’s interesting… I never really “taught” him to read, except by reading a ton to him, having a book-filled house (my husband and I are always reading 2-3 books at a time), playing letter / word games with him, and providing him with beginning readers when he showed interest. Now he’s reading at a level several years above his age. He loves it!


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