Lovely: Japanese Garden, Hayward

I consider the Japanese Garden in Hayward to be a bit of a hidden gem, as so few people seem to know about it.  Whenever I mention it, the response is usually, “There’s a Japanese garden in Hayward?!?”  Yes, there is, and a lovely one at that.

Hayward Japanese Gardens 039

Hayward Japanese Gardens 011

Hayward Japanese Gardens 036

Hayward Japanese Gardens 010

Hayward Japanese Gardens 026

Interested in going?  The garden is free, open daily 8:30am-4:00pm.  It’s located in Hayward at 22373 North Third Street and Crescent Avenue, next to the Senior Center.  This is a great garden to take the kids to.

Also see my post from yesterday…  Turtles:  Japanese Garden, Hayward


  1. We will have to visit the Bay area again and check this out. my wife and i love gardens, and especially japanese gardens. your blogs has great pics, is informative and diverse. Good work!


    1. Thanks, Bruce! If you haven’t been, I would put the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco higher on the must-see list than this one. While there, you can also stop by the San Francisco Botanical Garden, which is right next door. I like this Hayward garden, as it isn’t far from my home.


  2. My in-laws live in Hayward, so I’ve been there a lot, but alas I must admit I’m one of those saying “There’s a Japanese garden in Hayward?” Having lived in Japan for two years, I have a fondness for these serene spaces. You have a way of finding these great places and activities in the Bay area. Keep them coming!


    1. Hahaha.. you know Hayward, so you understand! I especially love this garden because it is a short drive from our home. It feels more like Castro Valley than Hayward, as it’s not far off the 580 Redwood Road exit. By the way, I’m curious to find out where your family is moving to!


    1. I understand where you’re coming from. Personally, I have a strong preference for wild, natural spaces. But when I need to clear my mind, there’s something about the “perfection” of a Japanese garden that’s soothing to me.


  3. We love the Japanese Tea Garden in SF and Hakone Gardens in Saratoga. Thanks so much for sharing this gem. Will have to make a trip now that the cherry trees are blooming. Thank Thanks!


    1. I only saw one small cherry tree blooming here, so it doesn’t compare at all to the Japanese Tea Garden in SF. I’ll be visiting Hakone soon… I put that on my to-do list after your post last year. I’m looking forward to seeing it! If you happen to be in the Castro Valley / Hayward area, these gardens are worth a visit, but I’m not sure they are worthy of a drive from SF just to see them.


    1. There are no picnic areas and no garbage cans located within the gardens (though there are garbage cans on the pathway at the entrance). I did not notice any signs prohibiting food. I was looking, as I had brought a coffee and scone.


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