Fun for Little Astronauts: Chabot Space Center

I’m surprised I haven’t written about the Chabot Space Center before, as we’ve been members for two years and visit frequently.  I’m frequently asked the question, “Is the museum OK for 3-year-olds?”  Yes!  My son has always loved our visits here.  The museum is filled with hands-on exhibits, which children enjoy.

In the Beyond Blastoff  and the One Giant Leap:  A Moon Odyssey exhibits, a child can sit in a space capsule, pretend to be an astronaut working on a space station, and learn how to land on the moon.  Great stuff!

Chabot Space Center 016

Chabot Space Center 008

Chabot Space Center 010

Chabot Space Center 034

Chabot Space Center 035

In the Destination Universe exhibit, children can also learn about stars and, well, just about everything related to space.  Crawling through the black hole is a favorite!

Chabot Space Center 045

Chabot Space Center 006

Perhaps your child likes to spin, push, and pull things?  And unknowingly learn a bit about weather along the way…

Chabot Space Center 019

Chabot Space Center 021

Chabot Space Center 031

And we didn’t even visit Bill Nye’s Climate Lab or the Discovery Lab this time (the Bill Nye exhibit is awesome for older kids, while the Discovery Lab is perfect for the six and under set).  But we did head to the Planetarium to watch Tales of the Maya Skies, a wonderful film about the art, astronomy, and creation stories of the Maya people.

Interested in going?  Visit the Chabot Space Center website for directions, hours, and current admission fees…


  1. Kyle Kuns says:

    Awesome, I took my “little astronaut” there on a family trip while he was in middle school. He’s now graduated with a Bachelor’s in Physics and is pursuing his doctorate in Theoretical Physics. The Chabot Space Center was definitely a great place for him to explore when he thought he wanted to be an astronaut. Your post brings back fond memories!


    1. That is so cool! What a wonderful story! 🙂


    1. It’s a great museum.


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