Outdoor Play: Lightsaber Battle

My son asked for one thing from Santa this year… a lightsaber.  A blue lightsaber, to be exact, so he could be just like Luke Skywalker.  Santa must’ve thought two lightsabers might be more fun, as, in addition to the blue lightsaber, he also brought a red one (like the one Darth Vader uses).  Doesn’t every young Jedi need an evil Sith to fight with?.  I think lightsaber duels should take place outside, where there are far fewer things to damage.  My husband took some photos of me (Darth Mommy) battling with our boy (Luke).  Of course, the hero always wins.




In my opinion, official Star Wars lightsaber toys are not required to have fun like this.  Sticks work just as well!


  1. This is what my eldest asked for, for Christmas. As he is only four and has no idea what Star Wars really is, we said maybe next year. What mean parents we are! They look fun though.


    1. I understand. The first exposure my son had to Star Wars was the DK Readers books. Then he saw the Star Wars Lego sets at the store where he takes Lego engineering classes, and it was all over. We finally broke down after he was five and let him watch the movies in fifteen-thirty minute chunks (fast forwarding scary parts and sections inappropriate for his age). As you’d expect, he’s completely enthralled with it all. But seriously, sticks do work just as well!


  2. Alex Jones says:

    The force is strong in the little one.


  3. mmtread says:

    Go out at night with the lightsabers, set up a tripod, and take 3-5 second exposures of you two battling. You’ll get some very cool images.


    1. Ooh… you’re getting beyond my photography knowledge, but it’s worth a try!


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