1. This is a great photo! These saguaros are just amazing. I have a lot of succulents and cacti in my garden and sometimes I get nervous this time of year when temperatures dip below freezing. In our zone that isn’t too often, but it does occur. At our Huntington Botanical Gardens they keep heaters at-the-ready just in case. Do you recall what they were using to protect these from the cold? I’m going to presume it dips below 32° fairly often in the winter. Just wondering if you noticed.


  2. I’ve never seen a saguaro, but that’s on the (very long) list. Checking out your posts has also made me put UC Botanical Garden on the itinerary for our next trip.
    And at the end of Dec., look at all that green!


    1. I’m sure you and your family would love these gardens! I’ve been pondering this cactus for a couple days. It just doesn’t quite seem like a saguaro… something about the “arms” doesn’t seem right. Upon further research, it’s a cactus similar to the saguaro, but from South America.


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