Burning holiday energy…

Oh, my, is my five-year-old excited about Christmas tomorrow.  He can’t sit still, and he’s been acting super whacky.  It’s been raining and cold here in the Bay Area for days, and our outdoor adventures have been limited this past week because I’ve been sick (I still have a horrible cough).  Between his cabin fever and the anticipation of Santa visiting tonight, my child is in rare energetic form.  Today, to celebrate the glorious sunshine, burn off some energy, and enjoy a few moments of distraction from his holiday fever, we went to the zoo for a few hours of climbing, jumping, and running around.  Fun!

Oakland Zoo 005

Oakland Zoo 009

Oakland Zoo 022

Next on our agenda for the day… making gingerbread cookies for Santa.  🙂


  1. What a great looking little boy! I just found out tonight that my daughter is expecting a boy, my first grandchild. I know nothing about boys! LOL Hope you feel better and have a good Christmas.


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