O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum…

Our holiday activity yesterday was all about the Christmas tree.  A tradition we started a few years ago is to go to the Castro Valley Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our tree for the season.  Happily, unlike the last two years, which were rainy, muddy events, the weather yesterday was gorgeous.

The hunt for the perfect tree is a huge part of the fun.  We visited a couple lots on the farm before finding one with the right size trees.  The first two lots had trees that were much too small (under four feet tall), but, as they weren’t crowded, these were the perfect lots for our son to run around and play.  At the third lot, we quickly found the right tree for our home.  The actual cutting of the tree is the next highlight for our son.  Living in a townhome in the suburbs, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to use a saw.

Of course, the highlight of the entire event is to bring the tree into our home.  One of the things I love best about the season is the opportunity to bring a large item from nature inside, giving the house the lovely scent of the forest.

Christmas Tree Farm 006

Christmas Tree Farm 009

Christmas Tree Farm 019

Christmas Tree Farm 020

Christmas Tree Farm 031

Christmas Tree Farm 036

Christmas Tree Farm 045


  1. We would go in the beginning of November and tag a tree with our name, then return in December to cut it down and bring it home. It was always a fantastic family adventure to choose exactly the right tree (and it prompted a lot of good-natured arguing) then go out in snowy December weather to bring it home. Good memories.


    1. We didn’t do this when I was a child. We simply went to the tree lot to pick out our tree. My husband and I have really enjoyed this new tradition for us, and our son is crazy for it. Hopefully he, like you, will have fond memories of this when he’s an adult.


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