1. Most of the year, they let the grasses and flowers on the hill grow wild, but every May, they hire guys with weed whackers to come out and cut the grasses down (due to fire hazard). It looks like a tough job.


  1. What a great little guy! Love his Batman gear! We only had light rain today…but I think your rain is supposed to arrive tomorrow! I don’t dare complain…we need it! I need to get some rain gear that is as much fun as your son’s!


    1. Oh, it’s been raining for days (and hard), with little breaks here and there. We’re not used to five days of rain around here!! But I’m also not complaining… we need it desperately. And it’s so nice to see the hills vibrantly green this early in the season. The Batman raincoat was a gift from his grandma. πŸ™‚


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