Building Forts! Adventure Playground, Berkeley

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The Adventure Playground in Berkeley… the only place I know in the San Francisco Bay Area where kids are encouraged to get creative with saws, hammers & nails, and paints to build forts.  And play on their creations!  Photos from our school field trip to the playground yesterday…

For more information, check out this post from our August visit… Wow!  Adventure Playground, Berkeley


  1. Looks fun and messy. Nothing I know like this exists in UK. People in UK are too frightened due to health and safety. I dare say organisers in UK would faint at the idea of giving a five-year-old a saw, hammer and a bag of nails to work with.


    1. Thanks, Paala! We were soooo lucky his school field trip was scheduled for yesterday. The weather was gorgeous and just what the kids needed before being stuck inside the classroom for the next few days due to rain. Also, the playground is only open to the public during the weekends…


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