Botanic Garden, Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley

Another place we love to visit in Tilden Regional Park is the Botanic Garden.  I enjoy experiencing the seasonal changes of this garden throughout the year.  These images are from our visit on Sunday, November 18th, 2012, on a quiet morning after two days of rain.

Interested in going?  The Regional Parks Botanic Garden is located at the corner of Wildcat Canyon Road and South Park Drive in Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley.  Admission is free.  For additional information (park hours, seasonal blooms, and a trail map of the gardens), visit the website…

We also visited these two places in Tilden Regional Park during this trip (more great things to do with kids!)…

More images from this visit:  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Green


  1. Alex Jones says:

    Your child looks so small against the background of those mighty trees.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      The beauty of being around redwoods. Their size and age helps put our lives in perspective.


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