Backyard Birds: Sparrows

We now have both juvenile White-crowned Sparrows and juvenile Golden-crowned Sparrows visiting our yard.  Now that I can see both, frequently side-by-side, I can clearly see the difference.  The one I thought last week was a Golden-crowned Sparrow is definitely a White-crowned one.  Here are a few photos of the fist-year Golden-crowned Sparrows who visited this morning.

For comparison, here are a couple shots I took this morning of a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow…

But if I’m still confused, please help me out.  🙂  And where are all the adult ones??


  1. Nice photos! I’ve always thought that sparrows are kind of tricky to identify. By far the most common sparrow to visit my yard is the House Sparrow. On a related note, I decided to join Project Feeder Watch this winter, too. But I still haven’t received my initial packet.


    1. The sparrows are new to our yard, so it’s a completely new kind of bird for me to identify. Yesterday, I also believe there was a Fox Sparrow in the mix. At one point, there were thirty or so birds in our tiny yard! It was chaos. But fun!


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