1. The California Towhee looks distinctly different than those we have here in Arizona. Ours have a little black mask around the eyes. My favorites though. Love their distinctive call. What a wonderful photo!!


  2. I’ve noticed a lot of increased wildlife activity in my neighborhood too: birds, squirrels, turkeys…it reminds me of those “getting ready for winter” children’s books πŸ™‚


    1. Absolutely! The squirrels especially! I keep finding “hidden” acorns “planted” throughout our backyard (especially in the flower pots). It’s also been fascinating to watch the various animals (deer, coyotes, steller’s jays, turkeys) eating the acorns and how they get them out of the oak trees.


    1. Our computer is set up near the window, so we can watch the birds (and other wildlife) while we work. Whenever I need to think a bit, I space out and watch the birds. It’s so relaxing!!


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