Cemetery Fun!

The other day, while playing at Dublin’s Heritage Park, my son suggested we head to the attached cemetery (Dublin Pioneer Cemetery) to look for monsters. Why not? We spent the next hour searching for, running away from, and battling monsters.

Here’s a post I wrote last spring about letterboxing (treasure hunting) at this cemetery…  Letterboxing:  The Search for the Gingerbread Man.  Who knew cemeteries could be so much fun?





  1. wyominglife says:

    Ok, my plant-geekiness is going to come out here, but back in the midwest where I grew up, cemeteries (and railroad lines) sometimes contained remnant tall grass prairie plant communities. When people started becoming interested in creating tall grass prairie plots before they all disappeared, some of the seeds came from these sites and helped with the ‘revival’ of tall grass prairie preservation efforts.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      That’s cool information. Thanks!


  2. badwalker says:

    Scary! Looks like the old Rural Cemetary in Santa Rosa. Must have been a style with the family plot surrounded – and the mature trees.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      It’s a beautiful spot! It’s probably typical of the European immigrants who founded our regions… in our case, Irish.


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