1. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    I learned a lesson, to not try to touch these beauties. Their thorns are long, sharp, pointy, and boy they are prickly. Love the cactus pears.


  2. I love cactus and succulents. Bought some new ones today! πŸ™‚ I have multiple botanical gardens in my area, and love them all. But I’d love to see the Berkeley Gardens some time!


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      Me, too! They’d never work in my shade covered yard, though. Enjoy your new ones!


  3. waji2 says:

    cactus’ prickles have their on beauty.. love it πŸ™‚


  4. raquelamaral says:

    I click the “like” and it refreshes the screen. I live near Berkeley. I want to go there and shoot too, thanks!


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      It’s one of my favorite places in the region!


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