Silent Saturday: Trail Through Time, Rock City, Mount Diablo

Photos from a hike in Mount Diablo State Park earlier this week with my Nature Time playgroup. We hiked a section of the Trail Through Time, from the Rock City parking lot to (and up) Sentinel Rock, allowing the kids to climb and play on and in the limestone rock structures and caves as much as they wanted.ย  Kid-heaven!!

For more information about Mount Diablo State Park, visit the official website…


  1. I dated someone who lived in Danville, and I remember using those footholes in the second photo. How special, to be able to revisit a place you thought you’d forgotten through a stranger’s eyes. I love your blog! I surf, but you’ve inspired me to make getting outdoors on land a priority.


    1. Gorgeous photos, Paala! If I’d known you had a blog, and are OK with pics of the girls being out there, I’d have included the photos of your girls. Most people don’t want me to include photos of their kids, so I only show kids who aren’t mine from behind. I’ll post additional photos with faces to the Nature Time site as soon as I have time (uploads to that site is sooo slow). ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Oh, this place is not just for kids! There are usually more adults without kids here than adults with kids, and this is THE place in the San Francisco East Bay for rock climbers.


      1. Oh good! I wish we had fantastic places like this to climb where I live. It’s a bit flat around here.

        Your posts are very inspirational and it’s great work you are doing.


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