Environmentalism for Kids: Clean up the Neighborhood

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know my son loves to take walks around the neighborhood to pick up trash.  It’s a great, age-appropriate way to introduce young kids to helping the environment.

Interested in doing this with your child?  It’s about as easy as it gets.  I have him put on a rubber gloves to protect his hands from germy stuff (cigarette butts, tissues, etc.).  Carry a bag to put the trash in.  Head out the front door, and let your child pick up trash your child finds around the neighborhood.  It’s kind of like treasure-hunting, but better for the environment.

You may also enjoy our Earth Day post on this subject… “Take a Trash Collecting Walk


  1. I think this is just wonderful! I have also wanted to introduce my granddaughters to at least one of the organized “clean the beach” type of events. I’ve never done it myself, but somehow I think it would be meaningful. They love the beach, and I think it would be a great experience. You’ve inspired me to research opportunities. Of course, the every day litter patrol is a very special teaching moment! Debra


    1. The official international Coastal Cleanup Day was a couple weekends ago (Sept 15th), but I’m sure your local beaches have ongoing cleanup days throughout the year. I think there’s great value in being out there with a large group of people, both adults and children, cleaning up the environment. I imagine it would have a powerful impact on a child.


  2. Excellent. Nothing excites and inspires me more than to see a young child nurtured to care for something outside of himself and to contribute to society and his environment. I had actually gone to the City Council where they were giving out free plastic tongs to pick up garbage. I told them we run a children’s class in our home for the neighbourhood kids and one of our projects was to go pick up trash from the surrounding nature reserve. Glad for the tips with the gloves too. Loving what you do! Sharon


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