Cyclo-Cross, Monterey Style

I haven’t written much about my husband so far.  Much of the time, while I’m out and about with our son, my husband is out riding his bike.  At this time of year (September – January), this is how he spends his weekends… racing cyclo-cross.  Yesterday, he raced at Fort Ord in Monterey (CCCX series), and we went along to watch.

Not familiar with this form of bike racing?  It’s kind of a hybrid between road racing and mountain biking.  This Wikipedia article describes it best…  Cyclo-cross.

For those of you with children, most of these events also offer a short kid race.  My son wasn’t feeling well yesterday (he’s had a cold this week), so he wasn’t in the mood to participate, but when he does, he loves it!  He entered his first cross race at two, “racing” on his balance bike.  Maybe I’ll post photos of that race one of these days.


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