Great Park for Nature Play: Chabot Park, San Leandro

Yesterday, we attended a wedding reception in a park I’ve never been to… Chabot Park in San Leandro. What a great park for nature play! There were quite a few boys between the ages of three and six at the wedding, and they had a blast running up and down the hills, along the trails, and on the grass.  The sticks were a highlight.  What is it about boys and sticks?  The sticks were utilized for the usual… digging tools, swords and guns, drumming, and fort building.  My favorite fort was the one they attempted to build on the swings, utilizing 10 foot long sticks.

The play structures here are ancient. The swings are the old-fashioned kind that really let kids fly high.  Unfortunately, I didn’t capture any photos of the kids playing in the woods, but here are a couple of pics of my son and the other kids on the swing and slide.



Before we got there, my boy was soooo bummed to be spending the afternoon at a wedding.  What a pleasant surprise… a fun day of outdoor play with a great group of kids!


  1. Alex Jones says:

    Why buy children expensive toys when a stick probably gives them more fun?


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      Sticks are truly the best of toys.


  2. I’m thinking of starting up a playgroup, it’ll mainly consist of a small garden full of sticks, job done! Sticks are brilliant.


  3. mmtread says:

    Next time you’re in San Leandro, stop by Estudillo Produce and Deli. Great produce and amazing sandwiches to take on a picnic. Tell them I sent you and they’ll positively freak out.


  4. Clanmother says:

    And then in a couple of decades they will be the ones getting married while other children run in the park!!! The circle of playing continues….


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