Bliss… the BMX Park

When given the option of what to do, 9 times out of 10, my 5-year-old son will ask to go to the local BMX course to ride his bike.  Strangely, I just realized I haven’t written about this yet!!  We’ve been taking him to ride on the course since he was three years old.  At first, even though he already knew how to ride a bike, he rode here on his Skuut bike,  as the rough, hilly terrain was easier to manage on the balance bike.  He quickly progressed to riding his Specialized 16″ mountain bike as soon as he turned four.  He loves this!!

Photos taken yesterday:  Memorial Park, San Ramon


  1. This seems like such fun! My boy would love something like this and I am reminded there is one kind of close to me. Great photos!


    1. Do you mean the one at Shadowcliffs? Yes, we’ve made many attempts to go there over the last year, but something always seems to prevent us from getting there. I hear it’s huge, and it can handle a lot of kids in different areas. We’ll definitely check it out soon! Please let me know if you know of any other BMX parks around! We’d love to explore.


      1. The park in Livermore is called William Payne Sports Park. It is on Patterson Pass Rd at Vasco. They also run BMX races here sometimes. This course is a
        longer one. The one in Pleasanton is by Shadow Cliffs. It’s nice with an easier course and some more difficult ones. We’ve never had a problem getting there but it can get busy. Have fun! Hope Cy is enjoying school.


        1. Ooh, I didn’t know about the one in Livermore at all! Thanks! Another local one we’ve tried is in Fallon Sports Park in Dublin, but, sadly, it hasn’t been maintained. Unless I hear from someone that it’s been weeded and fixed up!


            1. There is a dirt motorbike place in Livermore, but this is actually a sports park in Livermore. We were excited about the one in Fallon SP as well but it really never became what I consider a BMX park 😦


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