Kids ‘n Carousels

What is it with kids and carousels?  I’ve given up trying to figure out what children love about them.  I only know they do.

Creativity Carousel, San Francisco

Does your child have a favorite?  Do you have a favorite memory of one from childhood?  Please share!


Links to carousels in the San Francisco Bay Area

Creativity Carousel, San Francisco

Golden Gate Park Carousel, San Francisco

Eugene Friend Carousel, San Francisco Zoo

Pier 39 Carousel, San Francisco

Tilden Merry-Go-Rounnd, Berkeley

Flecto Carousel, Fairyland, Oakland

Carousel, Oakland Zoo

W.E. “Bill” Mason Carousel, Los Gatos

Carousel Columbia, Great America, Santa Clara

Keep-Around-Carousel, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, San Jose

Looff Carousel, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


  1. I remember the great music! But the horses I chose kept going up and down….I was never sure what I was doing wrong! 🙂 the pier 39 carousel was great as I remember it! (but don’t tell my Marine buddies…they just wouldn’t understand! 🙂


  2. We also take the grandkids to the Carousel in Los Gatos. They get both a train ride on the Billy Jones and Wildcat Railway and a carousel ride. Then there is the park playground to play in after the picnic.


    1. This one seems to be a favorite! I included the link to these attractions in the post. I’ll have to take my boy there one of these days! Love the combo of trains and merry-go-round. Tilden has this combo, too.


        1. I’ll check the book out. We have a similar book, but with less specific recommendations (adaptable to where you’re located)… 101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12. And, by the way, it hit me yesterday afternoon that in your other comment you were talking about a park in Pittsburgh, California! Hahaha!!


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