1. Squirrel’s are so cute and I enjoy watching them…. but I always encounter them with a bit of anxiety when they like to collect acorns on my roof. I do NOT wish to have one get inside.


    1. I so agree. We have something living in our walls right now (we live in a townhome… shared walls), and it sounds much larger and more active than a rat. Hm… hope it isn’t this little guy. We just heard neighbors down the street had racoons living in the attic! Others have had bats in the attic. Love living near nature, but we’re in the territory of the wildlife.


  2. Like many, I would get upset when I’d look out the window and see a very persistant squirrel hanging upside down trying to break into the bird feeder. Until one day. As I sat looking out the window, My eyes were drawn to movement in the grass. A large copperhead snake was sneaking it’s way toward a baby Morning dove pecking it heart out under the feeder. Suddenly out of nowhere, the squirrel (we call Mr. Bones because he’s so skinny), attacked the snake and during the fight continued to evade the deadly fangs time after time. When the snake had been bitten too many times for comfort it quickly slithered off into the woods with Mr Bones harassing it until it was gone. As a reward, Mr Bones now has his own feeder I stock with dried corn and assorted nuts!


    1. I love that story!! Good squirrel! If we didn’t have such a large roof rat problem in our community, I’d be all in favor of setting up a special squirrel feeding station. Thank you so much for sharing your story!


      1. There was a photo album on the EBRBD or the Black Diamond Facebook page awhile back of a squirrel protecting her babies from a snake.


        1. Yes, I saw that, too! That was so cool (it was a rattle snake)! Squirrels can be pretty ferocious when they are protecting something. And noisy, too. The one in our yard chatters when anything suspicious comes around, warning the birds to take flight.


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