Create With Nature Zone, Blake Garden, Kensington

Take a child out into nature, and what are they naturally drawn to play with?  It’s pretty universal… sticks and rocks.  So this is the perfect playground for a child… an area filled with sticks and rocks, inviting the child to stack, build, and create.  Imaginations went wild this day.  In additional to the simple joys of stacking and weaving, a few of the items the children created were spaceships, a computer, a police station, and a chemistry lab.

The Create with Nature Zone at Blake Garden was created by Zach Pine, an environmental artist, dedicated to “connecting people to nature and to each other.”  I love what he did here!  For anyone out there interested in children, art, and/or nature, please visit his website for more information…

I wish there were more of these zones, perhaps in all communities, where children could play with natural items in a safe, inviting environment.  This one is a 45-minute drive from our home… just a bit too far for us to visit regularly.  How I’d love to have one closer!

Interested in going?  The gardens are open Monday – Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm.  Sorry… closed weekends and UC Berkeley holidays!  For location and additional information, visit the Blake Garden website…

Other posts about our visit this day (kids also loved the bamboo tunnel!!)…


  1. Very cool! I am definitely going to plan a trip up here. (I’m really excited about that tunnel especially.) This has been great inspiration to get my daughter doing more creating in the backyard as well. I’m thinking i might also make up a batch of homemade playdough for her to use out there as well for some sculpture creating. too bad it wouldn’t last thru a rain though…. luckily it won’t rain here for a couple more months. I’ve definitely book marked the Zach Pine site, and will keep my eye out for his upcoming events. Thanks for the resources!


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