1. What would our world be like for not flowers we would be hungry for sure with no fruits and above ground veggies 🙂 I will continue to grow them by seed to have the bees come to pollinate my garden we eat from just doing my part 🙂


    1. I tried to grow flowers this summer for the bees, but the birds ate the flowers the minute they blossomed! Oh well… guess I’m taking care of the wildlife in some form…


      1. Yes you are! I must not have grown the kind you did though I do plant sunflower and zinnias for all of them to share 🙂


        1. I tried to grow sunflowers this year (for the bees and the birds), and the birds dug up the seeds before they had a chance to grow. A few sprouted, but those didn’t last the day!


          1. I have answered you 3 times on this and I am not sure if you got them or if they just disappeared 😦

            All the ones I plant also went missing 😦 then the ones I add to feeders when dropped on ground start growing real quick so what take the grey stripes lol I too must have lots of wild creatures who sneak around and dig them up the turkeys I am sure are to blame for most I bet 🙂 I will start them in egg cartons or yogurt cups next year I feed them enough corn and seed I love my giant sunflowers for my finch come the cold fall months here in NH


            1. Haha! I read a great solution on another blog that had this problem. She covered the growing seedlings with some kind of wire (chicken wire??) until the sunflowers were large enough to fend for themselves (six inches tall??).


            2. I planted mine throughout the whole 3 acres here so that would work for me but in my garden it would be awesome thanks! I just scattered seed and the ground hog came out to eat my turkeys seed man life is never dull up here lol


      1. I’m like you….I love to take photos of flowers and animals, but often don’t know what they are….I will wait for someone to help us out! lol 🙂


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