Simple Outdoor Play: Take an Indoor Toy Outside

My son has a new favorite toy… an adorable stuffed animal he has named Foxy.

Not only has my son slept with this plush every night since receiving it last week (a first for my child… he’s never shown interest in sleeping with a stuffed animal before), but the little guy has been traveling with us, too, joining us on our daily outdoor adventures.  So far, I’ve insisted the toy stay in the car.  Until today…

My son wanted to take Foxy on a walk around the neighborhood.  Well, really, why not?  It definitely gave new energy to our regular, routine walk around the neighborhood.  My son had a blast showing Foxy around, and I had a lot of fun watching him.

Does your child have an indoor toy that he/she likes to take outside?  When I was a kid, I enjoyed taking my Barbie dolls down to the creek for rafting trips.  How about you?


Interested in where we got Foxy (aka Nigel Noblecam)?  We received him from a new online store offering “the best stuffed animals on the planet” called Hullabalu (, which will be opening within the next month.  If you can’t wait, check out their Facebook page… .  Super cute!!  I’m looking forward to seeing their new product line!


Please note I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. mogispie says:

    When I was little I received a mermaid barbie for Christmas, being summer it was just in time for our annual vacation at the sea side, playing with a mermaid barbie and her ‘friends’ in the ‘real’ ocean was the best feeling ever!


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      Ooh… that mermaid must have been beautiful and free swimming through the sea!


  2. Alex Jones says:

    I wonder what a child sees in stuffed toys that excites them so much?


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      I’m not sure about other kids, but my son seems to like ones that are super soft and fluffy, with big eyes. The bigger the eyes, the better. But, really, he’s never been much of a stuffed animal kid. It’s fun to see it now!


      1. Alex Jones says:

        Cute, must be the big eyes.


  3. Tracy Dodge says:

    Super cute! When we were little, my sister and I used to walk our stuffed dogs around the neighborhood. One day we came home with a real, live kitten! And yes, we did get to keep her 🙂


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      Hahaha. That’s so cute!


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