1. How gorgeous! The blue is an incredible backdrop, too. The last shot is particularly wonderful…do you ever try to blow up your photos and see how they hold up when sized larger? I have been wanting to experiment just to see if I can get something worthy of framing! These look so appealing, they’d be worth the try! Debra


    1. I got lucky with the brightly painted fence located behind the garden! I haven’t tried to blow up any of the nature photos I’ve taken, so I have no idea how they would turn out. If you try it out, let me know!


    1. They’re quick! I’ve been trying to catch a photo of one in our backyard for a few months, but haven’t been able to. They take rests on the branches of the oak tree in our back yard, but, yes, by the time I get the camera out, the bird will be long gone. Thanks!


    1. The hummingbird LOVED that plant, but I have no idea what it is! Guess it had enough flowers on it to keep him there for a while. He flew around and around and around the flowers. I actually have many more photos that I didn’t include!


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