Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

What an incredible selection from the tropics.  Beautiful gardens, worth a visit!

Interested in going?  The Conservatory of Flowers is located in Golden Gate Park, near other popular museums and destinations (California Academy of Sciences, de Young Museum).  For current admission fee and hours, visit the website…  This is an indoor museum, and, need I point out,  it’s hot and humid!  I highly suggest you dress in layers.

See my post about the Plantosaurus Rex exhibit, on display here through October, 2012.  Super fun!

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      1. sure do….I was stationed out at Alameda when they had the USS Enterprise parked there while filming the movie…it was a lot of fun!


  1. Is this anywhere near that beautiful section of the park that is planted in tulips? We’ve visited Golden Gate Park many times through the years when visiting family and I’m wondering how we never saw the Conservatory of Flowers! I think it’s just that the Park is so huge! I am going to tell my cousin that she must take me! 🙂 I loved the photos. Debra


    1. The Conservatory is new to me, too. I’d driven by many times, wondering what it was. See my post from today.. I included a photo from the outside. Not sure if it’s near the tulips . I have so much yet to explore , too! Maybe the bison next!


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