Create-With-Nature Pathway

While visiting Redwood Regional Park in Oakland yesterday morning, I made a fun discovery. We were meeting friends for some nature playtime, and they were running a half hour late.  While waiting, my son was having fun riding his bike up and down the paved path while I was strolling along behind him, enjoying this lovely park. That’s when I noticed this sign at the entrance to a little side trail off  the main path.


What a great idea!  Now, this sign may have been here for a while.  I’m out here a lot, but usually walk right by this little path.  It’s a relatively new path, and doesn’t go very far (about 50 yards).  It’s off to the right pretty close to the beginning of the main trail.

Whoever created this Create-With-Nature Pathway (can I assume personnel from the East Bay Regional Parks?), has stacked logs and sticks to use as art building materials.  I had fun walking along the path checking out the creations that others had built.  Here are photos of some of the nature art I saw along the way…







Cool stuff!

Interested in going?  You’ll best reach this spot from the Redwood Gate, the main Redwood Regional Park entrance on Redwood Road.  Park in the Canyon Meadow Staging Area (drive past the entry booth to the parking lot at the end of the road).  Entry fees are collected on weekends during the summer months.  At the end of the parking lot, you’ll see a paved path.  Walk along this path a short distance until there is a forest on your right.  You’ll find the path there.

For more information about Redwood Regional Park (driving directions, trail maps, parking fees, etc), visit the East Bay Regional Parks website…


    1. Thank you so much for passing along this information, Zach! I’ll be visiting the gardens and checking out the Create-With-Nature Zone there within the next two weeks. Your work looks awesome!


    1. Yes, it would be great if more cities had parks where kids could use natural materials to play and build with. What a fun way to allow children to connect with nature, instead of the usual “don’t touch” approach.


      1. Yes, it is something I am going to suggest to Colchester Borough Council. I hope you don’t mind me including a link to this blog post?


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