Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe

While at Lake Tahoe on Friday, we drove over the border into Nevada and hiked down to a relatively secluded little beach. Our son has experience a few alpine lakes over his short life, but he hasn’t seen one the size of Lake Tahoe (the largest alpine lake in North America).  He kept asking if it was an ocean.

The boys had fun splashing around in the ice-cold water.  They did eventually go swimming!  Pure joy.

Interested in going?  It’s hard to find a beach around Lake Tahoe that isn’t crawling with people.   Driving from the California border, we found Chimney Beach on Highway 28, a few miles past Incline Village.  There is a parking lot on the lake side with no charge for parking.  To reach the beach, from the restrooms, head down the steep path to the lake and follow the trail to the right.  It’s a bit of a hike for a little kid (in steepness, not length), but worth it!


  1. Totally cool! We play in the frigid northern Atlantic, and it’s true, kids really don’t mind bone-shattering cold. Lake Tahoe looks like a fabulous place; if we ever venture that far west in our lives, we’ll take this recommendation!


    1. We live near the Pacific, which is also freezing (the current comes down from Alaska), but the kids don’t mind playing in the water there, either. I can barely put my legs in!


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