The Bee in the Zucchini

Luckily, my son is observant. I would’ve missed this if it weren’t for him. While at my parent’s house over the weekend, my son and I were sent down to the garden to pick a fresh zucchini. I asked my son to look in the plant to see if he could find the best one to pick. While searching, he found a bee. Very cool… it’s absolutely covered in pollen! Click on a photo to view it larger…

The bee was a wonderful model. It sat there for quite a while, so I could capture these photos. Yay!

We also had a great discussion about pollination. We’ve read about it and talked about it many times before, but this bee was a great visual example of how the pollen can be transferred from plant to plant. It’s easy to see how that would happen. My son was fascinated. When the bee was finally done resting, it flew straight into the center of a zucchini flower, allowing my son to see it in action. Cool stuff!


    1. So true! I would’ve simply gone in and picked the zucchini. He, however, was checking out the entire plant, flowers and all. I love that my child slows me down and helps me focus on the cool, little stuff.


  1. Your title sounds like a good title for one of my children’s stories!!
    This is my favorite post. The colors are gorgeous.
    The bee’s been busy! HA HA HA!
    What I want to know, is, did he come back with a big or small zucchini or what? πŸ™‚ Did he use a pocket knife?


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