Celebrating the Summer Solstice, Part 1, Shorebird Park, Berkeley

We celebrated the Summer Solstice yesterday with two awesome nature outings. The first? Beach play with friends at Shorebird Park in Berkeley. I’ve been wanting to visit this park for a while now, as this is where the famous Adventure Playground (considered by National Geographic to be one of the top ten playgrounds in the U.S.) is located. We didn’t make it to that playground today (something fun to look forward to!), but the kids had a blast playing at the beach for a couple hours.

Check in tomorrow for part 2… riding bikes at Redwood Regional Park…


  1. That water sure looks cool – it’s very hot here. Looking at the photos I feel ten years old again… or maybe 7!


    1. I didn’t feel the water, but my son fell in at one point and seemed totally comfortable squatting down in it. It’s 20 degrees cooler (foggy and windy) here today. Glad we went to the beach yesterday!!


  2. Thanks for sharing with your wonderful photos.Children grow up so fast and it’s so important to show them from a young age that nature and being outdoors is truly wonderful and enriching.Showing our children how to respect, admire and look after nature and animals is probably the very best gift we could give our kids as parents.


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