Another Favorite… The Coyote

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Early yesterday morning, while waiting for the water for my tea to boil, my son brought me to wakefulness by loudly exclaiming…  “THE COYOTE!  THE COYOTE!  MOMMY!  GET THE CAMERA!  IT’S THE COYOTE!”  I had to move fast…

Here are my pre-caffeine photos of the coyote hunting for his breakfast on the hill behind our home…

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  1. This is great! I’d love to see a coyote in my yard. They’ve become much more common over here in NY since the wolves were pushed out. Still, I haven’t seen one at my house, though we have had the occasional fox, and even a bear once. I didn’t actually see the bear but it left me a present.


    1. You must live in a lovely spot. I’ve only seen a fox here once, though I know they are out there. It was curled up, sleeping on the fence. So cute! We saw a coyote about a half an hour ago, trotting across the hill. He (or she) wasn’t hunting, but seemed on a mission to get somewhere. And we only see bears when we’re in Yosemite.


  2. Love this! I would love to be able to live this close to nature. All I have is my cat, dog and the birds :)… so we escape to the wild every chance we get


  3. WOW… They’re such amazing, intelligent, beautiful animals. They’re so clever, foxhunters wanted to replace them in hunts (^$#!@!!). What captures!


    1. Thank you. I agree, they’re amazing animals, and so beautiful! It’s interesting that when they’re walking across the hill behind our house, I only see one or two at a time, but when I hear them on the chase at night, they are clearly a pack. Cats don’t last long in our neighborhood, though…


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