San Francisco Botanical Garden, Golden Gate Park

My husband, a 5th grade teacher, is now on vacation for the summer.  We celebrated the beginning of the season with a family trip to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, located in Golden Gate Park.  Neither my husband nor I had been here before, so we were excited to explore.  The second Tuesday of each month is free, so that’s when we went!  Note that the garden is ALWAYS free for residents of San Francisco and San Francisco county.

If I were a city resident, I’d be here all the time!  The gardens were filled with parents with children, enjoying picnics on the lawn or pushing strollers around the paved paths.  Also throughout the garden, we came across individual musicians relaxing on benches playing their guitars, many foreign tourists strolling the grounds, and others of all ages enjoying the beauty of the plants and soaking in the warm weather.

Photos from our visit…

Interested in visiting the San Francisco Botanical Garden?  Visit their website for more information (hours, directions, entry fee, etc.)…


      1. The park lost something like 50 or 60 of the monster trees that were over a hundred years old. It was sad, but Mother and Father Nature pretty much know what they are doing. Got to clear out the old to make way for the new.


  1. It is CRAZY that you have to go on a free day when every day was free before the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to a lobbyist to make sure that they get their $7.

    It is CRAZY that San Franciscans have to show an ID to enter Golden Gate Park! And to pay a rapacious “nonprofit” that is planning to build a $15-million office building in the Arboretum absolutely does not deserve anyone’s support.

    The gates behind the Hall of Flowers are open most days before three. Then you can walk on roads that your State Bond money tax dollars are paying for!

    Absolutely outrageous!


  2. We have been to the Golden Gate Park many times. Even spent the day there. We have yet to travel inside the gardens. Thanks for giving us an inside look into it; we’ll be sure to make there next time we go.


  3. Cool! You just flashed me back to the Butchart Gardesn in Victoria, BC and Manito Park in Spokane, WA. I LOVE places blessed with plants and flowers and fresh air and smiles! ( :


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