My Childhood Play… My Love of Nature

This is the backyard of my childhood home.  These are the places I played as a child, building forts, climbing trees, scaling mountains, running from dinosaurs, becoming a world explorer, digging like an archaeologist, wading in the creek, catching crawdads, watching frogs lay eggs, and observing the development of pollywogs.  This was the play of a child falling in love with nature.







Are you a nature lover?  What in your childhood helped you fall in love?


  1. I was fortunate enough to actually be in that very backyard with A Nature Mom. The place was wonderful, magical indeed. I remember the thick bamboo, the bridge, the slime on the edges of the creek, (hey, I just remembered the time I slipped and my glasses flew off and slid on the slime!), the crawdads, making mud sculptures, trying to build an adobe house with chicken wire, leaves and mud, the orange tree, the “tower,” the swing set, Grey Baby the cat, the garden, the swimming pool, the occasional garter snake in the creek bed, the almond tree, and tons of summer time fun! There was also lots of Barbie play, and ping-pong and Scrabble! Love you, Nature Mom, and thank you for all of the wonderful memories!


  2. A natural paradise 🙂
    A memory of an ancient wood and a sea of bluebells. Only later did I learn how old and important the wood was; but it captured my interest in woodland from then onwards.


    1. An ancient wood. Now that would be cool! The house I grew up in was in the middle of suburban Sacramento, formerly an almond orchard, and who knows what before that. I just had a memory that we would pretend the “forest” across the bridge was Sherwood Forest, and we would be members of Robin Hood’s gang. Love that stuff!


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