Solar Oven S’Mores

Yesterday afternoon, we attended a festival held by the East Bay Regional Park District at Shadow Cliffs in celebration of the Transit 0f Venus. While checking out the sun through the telescopes was pretty cool, the highlight for my son (other than playing in the trees with his friends) was making s’mores in a pizza box solar oven.  These ovens can heat up to 200 degrees!  Pretty cool.

Interested in making your own pizza box solar oven (and learning about the science behind it)? Check out these directions from the New Mexico Solar Energy Association… Make a Pizza Box Solar Oven.



  1. ooh nice! We’re doing a cooking with the sun event next week, I wonder if we will make something like this..


    1. A cooking with the sun event would be fun! I would guess they probably will use something like this (or more likely, a professional version, which gets a lot hotter).


    1. You’re welcome. We didn’t actually make one (they were already set up), but it looks pretty easy! And the kids sure enjoyed making and eating the s’mores!


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