Search for Snails

A favorite rainy day activity… head outside to look for snails!  My son calls them his “snail buddies”.

What we found yesterday during a rare June rain shower….


    1. Yep. Yesterday I made the mistake of squishing a spider my son found in the house. He was distraught! Guess I’ll have to start taking the spiders outside, like my husband always does!


  1. I live in the UK and the snails look exactly like ours, they swarm out onto the pathways after rain, then I have to be careful where I tread.


    1. On our way into the library yesterday afternoon, we unfortunately saw several snails that had been stepped on. My son was so upset! Luckily, we were able to save one by moving it from the parking lot to the bushes. It made him feel a little better, knowing he’d saved at least one.


      1. I do the same thing on occasion if it is on its own. Glad your son was able to feel happy at saving a snail.


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