Tony Hawk Event, Rad Science Exhibit, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see Tony Hawk and other professional skateboarders perform, as part of the opening festivities of the new Tony Hawk Rad Science exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS).

All I can say is… it was awesome.  Here’s the event description from the LHS website…

“Watch Tony Hawk, along with other professional skateboarders, perform an exciting demonstration on a specially designed vertical skate ramp set up just outside the Hall. Get into the science behind their skateboarding when UC Berkeley physics professor Joel Fajans provides insights into how physics is being applied. From our incredible location overlooking the San Francisco Bay, you’ll see skateboarding in a whole new way.”

First, my five-year-old, playing on one of the skateboards in the “Bodacious Board Balance” exhibit…  if you have a kid who’s into skateboarding, you have to check this exhibit out!!  My son couldn’t get enough.

My husband and son watching the skateboarding event….

Now for Tony Hawk and the other professional skateboarders (Tony Hawk is wearing the black t-shirt and shorts)… other boarders included Lincoln Ueda and Neal Hendrix (who is also a photographer).

Finally, the view from the Lawrence Hall of Science…  San Francisco across the bay… one of the many reasons I love this museum so much!


  1. I found myself at a skateboarding competition a long time ago, only when you see it in the flesh do you realize how incredible the stunts are. You can tell your son is in awe!


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      No, a photograph can’t possible capture the 720 degree spins (2 rotations) Tony Hawk was doing or the massive air of Lincoln Ueda (an X-Games star). Amazing!


  2. Alex Jones says:

    This will be the start of a twenty year skateboarding career for your son.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      Exactly what I was thinking yesterday… and I thought he was going to be a BMX racer…


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