Walking with Friends, Inspiration Trail, Tilden … and Playtime at Orinda Community Park

On Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed a lovely 3-mile walk with friends on the Inspiration Trail in the Berkeley Hills.  This is a trail that has grown with us through the years.  My husband and I liked to hike here because of the gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay, the Marin Headlands, and the Golden Gate Bridge, and, back then, we could veer off the paved trail to enjoy longer hikes down into Tilden Regional Park.  When our son was born, this became one of our favorite places to walk with him in the stroller (the path is paved).  Now I notice the many families riding bikes together on this trail.  It’s a little hilly for my son at this point, but maybe in a year?

To walk the Inspiration Trail, park at the Inspiration Point Staging Area on Wildcat Canyon Road.  You’ll find the trail map to Tilden Regional Park here, at the bottom of the page… www.ebparks.org/parks/tilden

Or check out this Tom Stienstra article at sfgate.com … www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/12/03/SP051M5334.DTL

Today was the 75th anniversary celebration for the Golden Gate Bridge.  The views were a bit hazy today, but at least we were able to catch a glimpse of it!


After the walk, we headed to Orinda Community Park for bike riding and some playtime…  fun park!!

I’m not sure about the other kids, but my boy slept great Sunday night!


  1. TRP was my #1 place to hang out when I worked in the Bay Area.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      Yes, so many things to do! If it were just a wee bit closer to our home, we’d be there a lot more.


      1. My second favorite was just east (I think) of Mount Diablo. I was an explorer when I lived up there. So much stuff to do, places to visit.


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