The Little Brown Bird

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This little bird is my son’s favorite visitor.  He says the bird has “cool creature powers,” as the bird can jump along vertically up our back fence.  I believe this is an oak titmouse.  All I know is it’s cute, and my son loves it.

Also, I’m looking for some suggestions.  For bird identification, I’m currently using the 1988 version of the Western Birds Audubon Handbook.  Can any birders out there recommend a better book for me to use?  Or is this one sufficient?  I’d love to actually know what I’m seeing when I’m out and about.  Thanks!


  1. I use and also Cornell University has an ornithology page on the web. You can listen as well as see. The bird looks quite a bit like the tufted titmouse I used to watch when I lived in New Hampshire, and I’d say you’re right on. you can go to the first link and listen to the oak and juniper titmouse. And to your son, the bird is magical. I absolutely agree!!


    1. The site is new to me. Just checked it out, and it looks great. Thanks! I’ve been using the Cornell ornithology site, and it’s been super helpful for me so far. And thanks for the confirmation on the titmouse. It makes sense it would be an “oak” version, as that’s the habitat we live in. I’ll go listen on the site you recommended now.


  2. Titmice are extra cute! So glad you son enjoys it. Your book is an excellent one. Another great guide is the Peterson Field Guide Series. A good starter book on birds for your area that will suit you best is “Birds of San Francisco and the Bay Area”. It is an excellent reference and will show the most common birds, so you don’t get bogged down by little details. Good luck! As for feeding, a favorite food of alot of birds is in the grocery store – unsalted dry roasted peanuts.


  3. I am new to your blog but I have enjoyed it and would like to pass the sunshine award along to you. It is on my latest post where I have mentioned your blog. Terri


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