“Mommy, look! A deer on the hill!!”

Multiple times a day, ever since my four-year-old son could talk, he exclaims, “Mommy, look!  Mommy, look!  There’s a deer on the hill!!”  Of course, he won’t let up until I take a look.  Today,  his shouts were slightly different.  “Mommy, look! Mommy, look! A teenage boy deer on the hill!!”  Here’s what my son spotted Saturday morning, while we were sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast…

Of course, he wasn’t alone…


  1. Alex Jones says:

    You are lucky to be so close to nature.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      My husband (before I met him) chose our home because of the view of the hill. Most homes around our city are built so close to each other, the view is usually into the neighbors bedroom. We feel very fortunate.


  2. seapunk2 says:

    Your son’s perspective is such a thrill for me. I miss being around little kids. Thanks for sharing. 😀


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      It’s fun when they’re young! Before him, I just thought to myself, “oh, look, another deer..”, because they’re everywhere. But now they are kind of magical.


      1. seapunk2 says:

        Yes, and all of nature is magical if we’re looking…:)


  3. A Nature Mom says:

    It almost scares me sometime! I miss it today. We’re watching the deer on the hill right this moment (no buck today), but my son’s sick with a cold. No excitement this morning. Just quietly staring out the window…


  4. Love that enthusiasm!


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