Nature Play, Roberts Regional Park, Oakland

One of our favorite parks for play is Roberts Regional Park in the Oakland Hills.  This park, nestled in the redwoods, has something for everyone.  First, if you have a child, the play structure here is among the best in the Bay Area (and it’s barrier free / wheelchair accessible).  But other than that, the park has a variety of hiking trails, a baseball field, a swimming pool (open weekends now!), and tons of picnic tables hidden throughout the forest.  This week, we even discovered a sand volleyball court hidden in the woods.

Other than the “organized” facilities this park has to offer, it’s an excellent location to just let the kids run free and play in nature.

For more information about Roberts Regional Park (history, location, facilities): 

There is currently a $5.00/vehicle entry fee, but there is also street parking if you don’t mind a little walk.


    1. I buy the East Bay Regional Parks pass for $50.00 each year, and it’s soooo worth the money! It gives us entrance to other parks we frequent in the East Bay that also charge an entry fee… Coyote Hills, Ardenwood Historic Farm, Lake Chabot, Sunol, Crab Cove, swimming spots, etc. It’s a great deal!


  1. great place….I bet when you’re son grows up, he will remember how great it was to be a kid in your house! 🙂


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