Visit a Garden for Free! National Public Gardens Day 2012

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This Friday, May 11th, is National Public Gardens DayBetter Homes & Gardens and the American Public Garden Association have collaborated to provide free admission to gardens throughout the United States and Canada.  What a wonderful program to help people discover and learn about their local gardens!

Interested in attending?  Sign up through the Better Homes & Gardens page ( to receive your coupon.  You may sign up for a group of up to ten people.

What gardens are participating?  Check out the list here:

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the following gardens are participating:

For more information about National Public Gardens Day:



  1. ditto, THANKS!! there’s a pricey, but AMAZING garden in miami i love to visit, and it’s been years… YAY!!!!! and it’s on the list! 🙂


    1. Great! Personally, I haven’t been to the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, though I frequently drive right by it on the way to other museums. We may be heading into the city this Friday!


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