Gardening with Grandpa

Over the weekend, we went to Sacramento to help my parents plant their vegetable garden.  The garden has historically been my mom’s project.  However, as my parents have become older (they are now entering their 80’s), the yard work has become more difficult for them.  My mom uses a walker, and getting down to the garden, as well as bending down to do the work, is out of the question.  Now, at least in the garden, my mom tells my dad what to do, and he goes out and does it.  For the past few years, my dad has had us (well, primarily my son) come out to help with the planting of the vegetable garden.

On Saturday, they planted zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes.  My husband and son helped.  Great bonding activity for the guys!  I enjoyed watching for a while, especially appreciating how my dad patiently explained how to prepare the soil, dig the hole, place the plant, and fill in the dirt.  I treasure watching this each year…




To cool off after gardening, my husband and son jumped in the pool…


  1. beechcreekproject says:

    Nothing like seeing the knowledge of a past generation being passed on to the new. I remember my grandparents and wish today that I’d paid better attention to some of the things and ideas they were passing on. Oh.. by the way.. enough with the jumping in the pool! Maybe I’ll go out and stand in the sprinkler for a while when I water the garden. 😀 Take care.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      My son did that yesterday… turned the hose on himself while watering the plants!


  2. Between this and your post on creating a habitat for wild animals, I was inspired to make a little area for a veggie garden that the rabbits and deer that live in my area can share too. Love your blog!


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      The rabbits and deer will love your garden! We had a rabbit come in and eat up all of our carrots two years ago, and I had intentionally planted them in tall planters. That’s when I realized preventing the wildlife from eating our vegetable garden was futile. And watching the bunny brought us far more joy than eating the carrots ever would have. Might as well enjoy the wildlife!


      1. I have a patio with a container garden where I’ve been raising vegetables for the family, but I’m going to share the wealth with the animals down in the back yard too. I still love seeing them back there – hopefully the neighbours won’t be too mad I know a few of them consider the animals “pests”.


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