Rainy Day at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley

Any trip we take to the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley also includes a visit to the Lawrence Hall of Science. My four-year-old loves this science museum, and we can’t even think about visiting the area without stopping in for an hour or two.  If you saw my post from yesterday, you know our plan to visit the gardens at UC Berkeley were foiled, but before that, we stopped into this fun science museum, which is just up the street from the gardens.  The museum is currently between major exhibits, so there wasn’t quite as much to explore as usual.  But that’s OK with us.  The full-time exhibits here are all pretty fun, too.

The views from the Lawrence Hall of Science are amazing, even on a stormy day…  San Francisco across the bay…

The Golden Gate Bridge…

My son enjoys building with just about anything.  Here he’s building with the Kapla blocks in the “Design, Build, and Test” exhibit.  We own a similar (pretty much identical) toy at home… CitiBlocs.  I love these because of their simplicity.  It’s just one  shaped block, but hundreds of them.


Here are a few photos of what other kids had built…




A close up of my son’s build..


My son loves building with these big soft blocks in the KidsLab…


But, even more, he enjoys knocking his buildings over…


The kid is crazy for puzzles…



The museum has quite a few more fun things to see and do here that we didn’t get around to on this visit, including a t-rex skull and other fossils and an awesome outdoor exhibit, called the Forces That Shape the Bay.  We’re looking forward to the Tony Hawk Rad Science temporary exhibit coming at the end of May.

If you’d like more information about the Lawrence Hall of Science, check out their website… www.lawrencehallofscience.org


  1. beechcreekproject says:

    It’s great to keep our child’s mind active all the time. Nothing like giving them a creative environment to thrive in. It gives them so many directions they can achieve in the older they get.


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