Walk, Run, Bike, Scooter….Alamo Creek Trail, Dublin

I found the Alamo Creek Trail in the center of Dublin when my son was about four months old, and this great little trail has grown along with him. While he was a baby, I would put my son into the ERGObaby carrier and walk around, showing him the little things we saw along the trail (geese swimming in the creek, smooth manzanita branches, turkeys, ants, jays… whatever there was to be seen that day). On days when I wanted more exercise, I would put him into the BOB stroller and walk here with friends. The trail is paved, so it’s perfect for stroller walks. As my son became older (two), this became a trail for tricycle and Skuut bike rides. Since he learned to ride a bike when he was three, this has been a great trail for short bike rides and now scooter rides. I enjoy running here on days when I want a nice short, 2-3 mile quick outing.

The trail can be accessed in a couple places. These days, we like to park on Amador Valley Road, in front of the Dougherty Hills Dog Park. The trail is just east of the dog park.Ā  The first stretch is 0.6 miles and ends at Alamo Creek Park, one of our favorite parks in Dublin. This segment is one of the few trails in the area with shade, a necessity when it warms up here in the summer. When my son is with me, this is as much of the trail as we’ll do. Ride the 0.6 miles, play at the park, ride the 0.6 miles back to the car.Ā  The trail continues on the other side of the park for a longer walk or run.

Today, my son rode his scooter and I walked to the park…






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