Simple Outdoor Play: Go to the Park

Need a bit of healthy, energy-expending outdoor time for your child(ren), but not sure what to do? Keep it simple. Go to the park. Any park. Just let them run around. Bring a bike or a scooter, and let them ride. Bring some balls, and kick them around. Climb on the play structures. Swing on the swings. Easy…





  1. That’s so true, just going to the park, especially if you can walk there like we do, is such a great experience for all, we don’t even have a playground in the park closest to us, but we do have a secret place where evil dragons live, which we turn into good ones by waving sticks at them. 🙂


  2. We agree – the less you think about it the more time you will have outdoors exploring. We played leap frog with kids at the park this weekend and were surprised that we had to demonstrate as they don’t play leap frog and tag at some schools anymore. What a treat to be the adult teaching kids to leap! It made for some truly “roll over” laughs.


    1. If was gorgeous out, and we had the playground to ourselves! And this is a large park in a neighborhood known for having tons of kids. I have to say the dog park section was packed. At least the dogs are getting some outdoor playtime.


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