This Saturday… Sunol Wildflower Festival!

One of our favorite Bay Area festivals, the Sunol Wildflower Festival, is being held this Saturday, April 14th.  We attended this the last two years, and my son (then age 2 and 3) and I both loved it.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend this year, but I’ve been telling everyone I know to check it out.  This is not a kid-only event.  The festival offers something for everyone.

Gorgeous location, fun activities, naturalist-led hikes, and great music… great stuff for both kids and adults.

There is no food provided or sold at the event, so pack a picnic and enjoy!

When:  Saturday, April 14th, 2012, 11:00am-4:00pm

Where:  Sunol Regional Wilderness

Cost:  Event is free, Parking is $5.00/vehicle

What to Do….

Activities:  The naturalist-led hikes are fun (see schedule below), but my son’s favorite activities during this festival are the many tables filled with crafts, activities, and exhibits.  The children are given a card, which is punched at each station after completing an activity or craft.  In the past, these have included making a clothes pin butterfly, creating a wildflower pressed bookmark, facepainting (bees, butterflies, ladybugs, flowers… cute!), finding insects in the grass, drawing wildflowers, tasting fresh honey, and oh so many other activities.

Music:  Another highlight of this event is the music.  The band, Extended Roots, will be playing again this year.  This is an all-woman band that plays primarily bluegrass music.  Kids love it!

Hikes:  Following is a list of hikes being offered during the festival.  Though all the naturalists are wonderful, I highly recommend anything hosted by Anthony Fisher (my son adores him), Cat Taylor, or Katie Colbert.

Schedule of Hikes

Little Yosemite Flower Hike
Join us on a saunter to Little Yosemite as we explore the spring wildflowers that dot the landscape. Marvel at the geologic wonder that moved huge boulders and created the scenic waterfalls of Little Yosemite. Bring a picnic lunch and water for the hilly but leisurely trip. 3 miles.
Naturalist Dino Labiste

Sketchike – Drawing On The Artist Within
We’ll stalk the elusive wildflower and capture a bloom without picking. Learn to observe the intricate colors, patterns and parts of a flower during this illustrative hike. All materials provided. Ages 7+.
Naturalist Cat Taylor

Flower Floozies
Bugs and flowers for small people and their adults.

Butterflies Aren’t Free!
Explore the crazy co-evolution of advertising, trickery and bribery in the interaction between flowering plants and their “pollinators”.
Naturalist Anthony Fisher

Wildflowers For A Lifetime: Senior Stroll
Stroll with senior friends or families at a leisurely pace on flat and gradual inclines. We’ll stop often to smell spring’s bounty. Less than 1/2 mile.
Interpretive Student Aide Nancy Ceridwyn

Little Yosemite: Blooms For Beginners
Along this moderately strenuous 3-mile hike, we’ll enjoy the best that nature has to offer – from stunning hillsides of wildflowers to the pools and waterfalls of Little Yosemite. Bring water, be prepared for some uphill hiking. Children must be closely supervised. Best for ages 7+. Note: We will be returning after the festival is over. Naturalist Cat Taylor

Wildflowers On Wheels: Stroller Walk
Meander through the meadow sharing the beauty of spring with wee ones on wheels. 1 mile.
Interpretive Student Aide Terri Bostater

Flora And Serpentine
A two mile up- and down-hill hike to see how geology and flowers are all tangled up.
Naturalist Katie Colbert

Butterfly Search
Butterfly, O Butterfly, Won’t you flutter by my way?
Butterfly, O Butterfly, You brighten up my day!
All ages.
Naturalist Anthony Fisher

Ethnobotany Adventure!
The Ohlone Peoples and European settlers gathered wild plants for food, medicine and tools. Learn to identify edible and useful plants and discover the age-old relationship between plants and cultures.
Naturalist Dino Labiste

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  1. beechcreekproject says:

    Sounds like an awesome event. Wish I’d had something like that to take my kids to when they were little. Too bad you guys won’t be able to attend again this year. Have fun and stay safe.


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