Solo Hike, Rocky Ridge View Trail, Las Trampas, San Ramon

With summer only a couple months away, it’s time to begin training for summer hiking in the Sierras.    Also, after the social and kid-oriented Easter festivities yesterday, I really needed to regroup this morning with a little alone time.  I also felt the need for some exercise after the feast at my parent’s house yesterday.  For these reasons, I decided to head out for a quick, painful local hike while my husband, who is on vacation this week, took our son to his rock climbing class.  For me, this meant Las Trampas Regional Wilderness.

Las Trampas has several trails that I enjoy, but when I want a heart-pumping, thigh-burning, quick three-mile up and down hike, the Rocky Ridge View Trail is what I choose.  The trail is steep right out of the parking lot, giving the body little time (well, no time) to adjust to the terrain.  The steep ascent doesn’t let up for the next mile, until you reach the ridge.  Once on the ridge, the trail flattens out, giving 360 views of the area.    Today the skies were a bit hazy, so the views weren’t as nice as usual, but I was still able to see Martinez and the Carquinez Straits, the San Ramon Valley, and the ever-present Mount Diablo.  For those who have an East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) hiking permit, hikers can continue much further (all the way to Moraga or Castro Valley if desired!).

For more information about Las Trampas Regional Wilderness and a trail map of the region, go to .  The trail head for this hike is at the very end of Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon.  There is no fee to park or hike here.  This is a great park for those who like to hike with their dogs.

Interested in an EBMUD hiking permit?  Go to .  It’s only $10.00/year!


  1. karinadoula says:

    This is inspiring me to go on a sole adventure too. it has been a long time. My only solo walk every week being to the yoga class, which I enjoy immensely, even though it is not nearly as challenging. Btw, we went to the Japanese tea garden, thanks for the inspiration.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      I’m a much better mother when I get some time alone. It’s even better for me when that alone time in nature. I do miss yoga classes, though!!


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