Solo Time

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As much as I love my family and friends, sometimes I need to get out into nature for a little alone time.  Today my husband suggested he take our son to a friend’s sixth birthday party, so that I could go out for a hike.  Hm… birthday party with ten or more kids, spun out on sugary foods, running around an indoor play facility or some quiet time hiking out in a pretty place?  No contest.  I went for a hike.

In addition to the benefits the physical activity of hiking provides, the solitary time in nature gives me even more.  I usually return home from a solo hike feeling more relaxed, more focused, more energized, and more clear-headed.  I know I’m a more patient, more present mother and wife after these outings.  My walk today provided all of these benefits.  I’m feeling emotionally grounded, ready to take on the week to come.

I love my husband!


    1. I understand. When you’re feeling afraid to head out alone, but feel the need for the restorative benefits of nature, I recommend you choose a popular trail. Sometimes I feel safe being out on the less populated trails, but other times I feel vulnerable, so on those days I select trails I know will have more people around. As long as I don’t have to have any conversations with anyone, even when surrounded by others,I still feel the benefits of solitude and the wonder of nature.


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